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Sep 29, 2012 6:00pm EDT
minister? >> until the election -- the presidential election, 1967. >> and how old were you when you became prime minister? >> i am 34 1/2. 35 years, yes. >> and how old doe does that mae you today? that picture was what -- how old were you in that picture? >> i think this -- maybe 37, you know. i remember that someone, you know, doing -- trying to visit some country and someone took this picture. 37, yeah. >> as you know, when you walked in, i said to you, how did you do it? how did you -- all these years later almost look the same as you did then? >> yeah. yeah. i am 73 now, and many friends, you know, especially american veteran who met me, they all look at me and said, i think you were general ky, but are you? and i said, yes. how come you stay? and that's why they recognized me. but sometime i have some problem with my, you know, staying young. i remember one time coming back l.a., los angeles, from a trip overseas. and when i show my passport to the customs service, he look at the passport -- my passport for i think two minute. and then he look at me again, and he asked, your driver l
Oct 6, 2012 6:00pm EDT
excited.' i was up there one time when they were having a national election that was practically a revolution. they threw out the party that was in power. they co--completely took off a party that had been there forever, practically disappeared. a whole new set of folks came in, and all the commentators were there on election night saying, 'now let's not get excited.' when they win the world series, instead of cutting up and going wild and people downtown honking and dancing the way they would in america, instead the canadians always go, 'this is quite wonderful, but let's not get excited.' c-span: later in that column you said, 'we're the country that put elvis on a stamp'--you--by the way, did you... >> guest: very proud of... c-span: ...did like elvis presley? >> guest: well, of course. c-span: 'we buy pink lemonade and striped toothpaste.' now i didn't think one of our favorite people would get it into this book, but here he is: '67. 2 percent of us believe that alexis de tocqueville never should have divorced blake carrington.' >> guest: what a great nation. what a great nat
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2